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[Puzzle] 310 Puzzle
김은지 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 309 Puzzle
강민희 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 308 Puzzle
김한나 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 307 Puzzle
박효경 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 306 Puzzle
김은지 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 305 Puzzle
강민희 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 304 Puzzle
김한나 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 303 Puzzle
현지영 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 302 Puzzle
엄소민 기자   2014-04-18
[Puzzle] 333 Puzzle
The Chonnam Tribune welcomes your answers to the “Puzzle” in the 333rd issue by e-mail (tribune1968@cnumedia.com). The due date for answers
오희수 기자   2014-04-03
[Ketchup-Movie] Big Bang Theory, Season 5, Episode 11
A: Maybe I shouldn’t just move back to Nebraska. B: No, I can't let you do that. A: Why not? B: For the first time ever, I have a thriving s
오희수 기자   2014-03-27
[English] Common Errors in Speaking and Writing
There is no doubt that learning English is tough. Students whose first language is something very different from English (like Korean) may h
Judith Woods 언어교육원 강사   2014-03-12
[Ketchup-Movie] The Office, Season 7, Episode 21
A: Why don’t you, uh, stay away from me? B: No, I’m going to stand where I want. Okay? You don’t want to get on my bad side*! I’ve seen some
손현지 기자   2013-12-09
[Information] The New Types of Litigation and the Issues in ASIA
The Institute for Legal Studies, Chonnam National University (CNU) host 2013 Gwangju International Symposium about the New Types of Litigati
오희수 수습기자   2013-11-29
[Information] Conference on East Asian Cultrual Cities
The Association for Asian Culture will hold its autumn conference on East Asian cultrual cities on November 27th at Chonnam National Univers
오희수 수습기자   2013-11-19
[Ketchup-Movie] 100 Questions
A: That guy had the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard in my life. B: The space pants? It was cute. A: I can come up with a better pick-up l
손현지 기자   2013-11-18
[Information] 2014 CNU General Student Council Election
2014 CNU General Student Council and General Female Student Council Elections are scheduled on November 26th. The election campaigns will be
이다혜 수습기자   2013-11-14
[Information] Winter Session Course Registration
Winter Session Course Registration is from November 12th to 14th, 2013. Students who are interested in this program may sign up for winter c
이다혜 수습기자   2013-11-14
[Information] Book Concert of Monk Beopryun
Book Concert of Monk Beopryun will be held from 17:30 to 22:30 on November 25th at Convention Hall in Yongjigwan. Beopryun and interlocutor
오희수 수습기자   2013-11-14
[Information] CNU Yongbong Forum
CNU Yongbong Forum will be held from 16:00 to 17:30 on November 14th at Yongbong Hall. Jung Seung who is the minister of Food and Drug Safet
오희수 수습기자   2013-11-14
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