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[Into the Campus] There is something about the EDRI
Kang A young   2006-04-29
[Global Campus] Look Farther and Further!
정인철 수학교육과 교수   2005-12-03
[Into the Campus] Three Families Living in One House
기용호 기자   2005-12-03
[Into the Campus] Passion of M&P
Passion of M&P By Kim Hwa hyun, Guest Reporter What kind of music do you like most? You might say Jazz, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Hip Hop, or so
김화현 객원기자   2005-10-08
[Global Campus] A University in My Heart
A University in My Heart By Gaoxiangyang I had always dreamed of entering the best university in the world; I had always dreamed of spending
Gaoxiangyang, Senior, RUC   2005-10-08
[Global Campus] The Narrow but Well-set Campus Full of Academic Pursuits
The Narrow but Well-Set Campus Full of Academic Pursuits Waseda University is one of Japan's top private, coeducational institutions of high
민병로 법학과 교수   2005-08-12
[Global Campus] A World-class University in Shanghai: Fudan University
A World - class University in Shanghai: Fudan University Fudan University is a government-sponsored university with a long history. It was e
Huang Xian-yu 국어교육과 방문교수   2005-06-20
[Global Campus] Teaching Korean at Fudan University
Teaching Korean at Fudan University I’ve been teaching Korean as a foreign language since September 2004 at Fudan University, Shanghai. As y
송진한 국어교육과 교수   2005-06-20
[Global Campus] R U Ready?
“R U Ready?”By Jung Il-shin, Senior, Dept. of Forestry Before I entered Chonnam National University, I thought CNU campus would be full of t
정일신 임학과 4학년   2005-04-21
[Global Campus] New Year's Day of Uzbekistan
New Year’s Day of Uzbekistan In Uzbekistan, New Year’s Day is called “Navruz,” which means “New Day.” The ancient popular holiday Navruz (Na
Akamal Ismailov 우즈베키스탄 교환학생   2005-04-21
[Global Campus] How We Chinese Celebrate the Spring Festival
How we Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival These days, almost all of my Chinese friends here in Korea are busy getting ready to go back to
Cao Lei 중국 교환학생   2005-04-21
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