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[Cover Story] What Is Happened at CNU for 60th anniversary?
What Is Happened at CNU for 60th anniversary? By Kim So-jeong, Tribune reporter Chonnam National University (CNU), which was founded in 1952
김소정 기자   2012-06-04
[Special Report] Start with ‘Human Creative’
Chonnam National University (CNU) has a core idea called ‘Human Creative’ to make a new leap forward in reaching its 60th anniversary. There
장다혜 객원기자   2012-06-04
[Special Report] CNUians’ Human Creative Powers
Chonnam National University (CNU) has organizations dedicated to research and activities that accord with the core idea of CNU’s 6oth Annive
노연정 객원기자   2012-06-04
[Special Report] CNU 60th Anniversary and Human Creative for the Future
This upcoming Saturday is the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Chonnam National University (CNU). Its members have been preparing for t
편자성 기자   2012-06-04
[People] CNU Is the Best Memory for Me
The third student that I interviewed is one of our alumnae, Yu Yajing, who graduated from Chonnam National University (CNU) in 2011. She cur
이유림 객원기자   2012-05-18
[Feature] Risk Avoidance Support Programs
This article is part 2 of 2 of the series ‘Programs for International Students in Japanese Universities’ of the CNU Press and Broadcasting T
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자   2012-05-18
[Special Report] The Sampo Generation Wants To Enjoy Romantic Relationships
Last February a New Progressive Party, called Jinboshindang, announced its youth policy entitled “Make the Sampo Generation Have a Romantic
이지송 기자   2012-05-14
[Cover Story] 5.18 Road: How About Taking a Date?
Spring is coming with full blooming flowers, pushing out new shoots and reviving all things. Students also welcome the spring. They can enjo
김소정 기자   2012-05-14
[Special Report] Must Have Podcasts
After the Podcast Naneun Ggomsuda (I’m a Petty-Minded Creep) got attention from the public, podcasts has emerged as an alternative option to
노연정 객원기자   2012-04-10
[Special Report] Youth in Digital Politics of South Korea
The dynamic nature of South Korean politics has been most evident in the roles of online civic storytellers—those who are both willing
김균수 교수   2012-04-10
[Feature] Investment with High Returns:Programs for International Students at Japanese Universities
This article is part 1 of 2 of the series ‘Programs for International Students at Japanese Universities’ of the CNU Press and Broadcasting O
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자   2012-04-10
[Cover Story] Podcast: New Guardian of Our Society
Podcasting has recently gained morepopularity than other media in Korea. The number of podcast users has been growing steadily for several y
편자성 기자   2012-04-10
[People] "CNU Is a School of Love and Success!"
The second student that I Interviewed is one of our graduate students, Thanh Mai Nguyen (Vietnam, Economics, Korean Government Scholarship A
이유림 객원기자   2012-04-06
[Special Report] David versus Goliath: Podcasts Rise as Alternative Media in South Korea
“Yes, I have heard of Naneun Ggomsuda or NaGgomSu. Yes, nowadays nobody can deny knowing about it. It’s just so hooking you cannot stop hear
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자   2012-04-06
[People] Make Your School Life a Land of Opportunity
Chonnam National University (CNU) is changing into a global university every day. More and more MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) contracts
이유림 객원기자   2012-03-07
[Special Report] What Makes Our Society Violent?
Apart from hitting, shooting, and stabbing, you can also kill someone with a word. Even small things can be violent to someone. Why is that
노연정 객원기자   2012-03-06
[Special Report] Media Violence: Are You Trying To Get Into Violence?
Nowadays lots of variety shows, such as The Infinite Challenge and One Day Two Nights, create situations which participants must perform tas
편자성 수습기자   2012-03-06
[Special Report] Violence: He that Will Steal an Egg Will Steal an Ox
Nowadays, the media is making noise about bullying in middle and high schools which could lead to students committing suicide. Bullying, a k
이지송 기자   2012-03-05
[Feature] Preparation Affects Process to Study Abroad in China
During last winter vacation, the CNU Press Center’s Overseas Cover Teams visited two Chinese and Japanese universities - Fudan University an
정현영 편집국장   2012-03-05
[Cover Story] Bullying: Exposure of Wrong Group Consciousness
Recently a shocking incident occurred. A middle-school girl killed herself because she could not endure being bullied anymore. This news has
김소정 기자   2012-03-05
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