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[Column] It Is Time to Move On
I once lost my precious ring while I was swimming. The day I lost it was my first day of swimming lessons. I was a little carefree at that t
이지우 기자   2010-07-05
[Column] No Regulation on Campus! CNUians Can Observe Public Order
The weather is becoming warmer and the deep-green grass shows us that summer is coming. Hot summer weather calls for students to enjoy its c
장민 객원기자   2010-06-19
[Column] Do You Know the Butterfly Effect?
You may have heard of ‘chaos theory’, or the ‘butterfly effect’. It means that there is an order although it seems like chaos and moreover s
임선혜 편집국장   2010-06-19
[Column] Don't Be Shackled to Your Past
The longer a ship sails through the ocean, the more barnacles accumulate on its hull. Soon it gets weighed down and becomes more difficult t
임선혜 편집국장   2010-06-08
[Column] FSC: A Voice for Female Students Falls Silent
At Chonnam National Universtiy (CNU) the Female Student Council (FSC) exists no more. Instead, The Women’s Bureau has been newly established
박지혜 객원기자   2010-06-04
[Column] The May 18th Democratic Uprising*
To commemorate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the May 18th Democratic Uprising and remind CNUians the significance of it, Chonnam Tribune
김나연, Rigoberto Banta Jr. 객원기자   2010-05-17
[Column] Your Choice: Pleasure or Curse?
According to research conducted by National Geographic, people encounter situations that require them to make a choice about 150 times a day
임선혜 편집국장   2010-05-17
[Column] Synergize: 1+1=3!
You may have seen migratory birds making a ‘V’ line in the sky when they move in groups. Do you know why birds move in that way? The reason
임선혜 편집국장   2010-05-02
[Column] Please Improve Countermeasures
On the morning of March 27th, I heard disheartening news. A naval patrol combat boat, Cheonan sank to the bottom of the Yellow Sea near Baen
임선혜 편집국장   2010-04-07
[Column] Vote in the 2010 Local Election!
What are you going to do on June 2nd? I guess many of you think it is merely a day far off in the future. Here is a hint, ‘local election’.
정하나 객원기자   2010-04-07
[Column] Are You Falling in Love?
Recently I met a friend who was frustrated because of the pain of a broken heart. “What a silly thing love is!” she said, “It is always tell
임선혜 편집국장   2010-03-26
[Column] Adequate Measures Are Needed
It was 8:29 a.m. on February 18th in the computer room of the Chonnam National University Library (the red library). Most of the students we
박수혜 객원기자   2010-03-26
[Column] Challenge Yourself: It’s Worth It!
Two weeks have passed since the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Closing Ceremony was held in Vancouver, Canada. As you know, Korea achieved good r
임선혜 편집국장   2010-03-11
[Column] New Scholarship System
Chonnam National University has been operating a new scholarship system since the second semester of last year. Unlike the previous academic
장 민 객원기자   2010-03-11
[Column] What You Need for Change
As the new semester begins, most students have set a goal and made plans to achieve it. These days it is common for university students to s
임선혜 편집국장   2010-03-01
[Column] Never Judge by Appearances
“Dear fellow SNUians, are you going to let our precious place of learning face a crisis? We should protect our university for ourselves. We
박수혜 객원기자   2010-03-01
[Column] Gwangju Design Biennale, Ambitious but Ambiguous
The 3rd Gwangju Design Biennale (GDB) will be held from September 18th to November 4th; this year’s theme: “The Clue – All That Can Be
장민 객원기자   2009-09-24
[Column] Looking Forward to a Life of Design in Gwangju
Gwangju has been a historically renowned city of culture and art. The third edition of the Gwangju Design Biennale, which opens this year, h
남호정 교수님   2009-09-24
[Column] How Was Your Summer Vacation?
The summer vacation is finally over. Summer and vacation always go together in my mind since I'm working in a school after my graduation. At
논설위원   2009-09-24
[Column] Power of Praise
I am surrounded by good people: my family, friends, seniors and juniors, everyone around me. They’re funny, talented, intelligent, filled wi
정하나 편집장   2009-09-24
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