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[Global Campus] Be Confident and Challenge Many Things
Be Confident and Challenge Many Things By Rhee Eun-jeong, Overseas Correspondent From the 2008 fall semester I got the chance to take part i
이은정 해외통신원   2009-09-24
[Foreign Community] Experience Makes Me Cast Away Prejudice
Experience Makes Me Cast Away Prejudice By Hodjiyeva Kamola, Guest Reporter I have traveled with my father since I was two years old. I was
Hodjiyeva Kamola 객원기자   2009-03-22
[Foreign Community] I Understand Korean Drinking Culture but...
I Understand Korean Drinking Culture but...By Yuyajing, Cub-Reporter Korean culture is really exciting right now. The Korean Wave is sweepin
유아정 수습기자   2009-03-22
[Global Campus] Girls, Be Strong!
Chonnam Tribune will offer the story of a global internship experience as a series through a guest reporter who is participating in the U.S.
정수경 해외통신원   2008-12-20
[Into the Campus] Do You Know Korean Diaspora?
Do You Know Korean Diaspora? By Kwon Jeong-ha, Student Editor The Research Group for Global Korean Business and Culture (RGGKBC) at Chonnam
권정하 기자   2008-11-26
[Global Campus] My Sweet Home
My Sweet Home By Jung Su-kyung, Overseas Correspondent Unlike other students, I chose to live in a shared house. Around 15 other students li
정수경 해외통신원   2008-09-15
[Global Campus] Love for Hockey at University of Winnipeg
Chonnam Tribune offers information about exchange students’ extracurricular activities through foreign correspondents in this issue. The sto
김현지 해외통신원   2008-05-29
[Into the Campus] Democratic Fever Still Persists at CNU
By Park Sue-hye, Guest Reporter Every May, the one thing which springs up in the minds of residents of Gwangju is the memory of the May 18
박수혜 객원기자   2008-05-13
[Foreign Community] Welcome to the Adventure into CNU!
★Welcome to the Adventure into CNU! By Hodjiyeva Kamola, Guest Reporter Attending university in a foreign country is an adventure! Living i
Hodjiyeva Kamola, 객원기자   2008-03-17
[Global Campus] Study Fever at Fudan University
As the pace of globalization accelerates these days, universities all over the world are concentrating on cultivating their students to rem
김미연 해외통신원   2008-03-10
[Into the Campus] 65 Million-Year-Old Dinosaurs Are Growing at CNU!
Have you ever been interested in dinosaurs? You may imagine a baby dinosaur “Dooly” which is a popular animation character in. Dinosaurs tha
신화정 객원기자   2008-03-10
[Foreign Community] Freshman Orientation
★University Freshman Orientation: Attendance Matters! By Omar Fakih Hamad, Guest Reporter Yes, attendance matters! That must be a descent a
Omar F. Hamad 객원기자   2008-03-10
[Foreign Community] ‘NEET’: Dope off in Dream
‘NEET’: Dope off in Dream By Liu Jing, Guest Reporter How do we define adulthood? Is it economic independence, psychological maturity or obj
유 정 객원기자   2007-11-26
[Into the Campus] Get Intellectual Nourishment from CNU Museum!
Get Intellectual Nourishment from CNU Museum! By Kim Bo-bae, Tribune Reporter "To learn about the present in the light of the past means als
김보배 기자   2007-11-24
[Foreign Community] Foreigners' Chuseok
They might not be able to spell it correctly, but just pronounce it, Chuseok or Chusok or Hangwai, the minds of foreigners who have been in
Omar F. Hamad 객원기자   2007-09-19
[Into the Campus] Are You Enjoying Good Mental Health?
Are You Enjoying Good Mental Health?By Rhy Seung-hyi, Tribune Reporter Lately, many students have a tendency to identify and correct their w
류승희 기자   2007-09-09
[Into the Campus] The IC: There for Our future!
The IC provides CNU students with an opportunity to study at foreign universities and learn foreign language and culture as well as for inte
Kim Bo-a   2007-01-16
[Foreign Community] CNU: A New Discovery
This is the opportunity we have been waiting for - a chance to spread our wings and enjoy new experiences. One of the best parts of universi
Rana Mukesh Kumar 객원기자   2007-01-16
[Foreign Community] Language Barrier: Surmountable
Rana Mukesh Kumar 객원기자   2006-11-29
[Into the Campus] Seize the Chance to Change Your Life
Many students are concerned about getting a job, but they cannot acquire sufficient practical abilities by only taking lectures at a univers
Kang A-young   2006-10-16
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