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[Gallery] 2017 College and Career Fair
On June 2, many high school students have participated in diverse programs at the 2017 College and Career Fair organized by the Offic of Adm
이은지 수습기자   2017-06-07
[Gallery] Student Culture Forum
A cultural forum for students took place at Gwangju Bank Hall, Yongjigwn at 3pm on June 5. Chonnam national University (CNU) arranged the cu
김유나 기자   2017-06-05
[Gallery] 2017 CNU College and Career Fair Ends Successfully
On June 2 to 3, a total of 17,918 students, teachers and parents visited the 2017 College and Career Fair at Chonnam National University (CN
이은지 수습기자   2017-06-02
[Gallery] CNU Malaysia Day
Celebrating CNU Malaysia Day on May 24
Nguyen Huong 기자   2017-05-26
[Campus News] CNU Students Celebrates Together 2017 Malaysia Day
On May 24, 2017, a group of Malaysian students held a Malaysia Day event to celebrate the cultural richness of their motherland. On the 2nd
Nguyen Huong 기자   2017-05-26
[Gallery] Smoking Booths on Campus
Chonnam National University has introduced smoking booths, where smokers can smoke in public on designated areas on campus.
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 수습기자   2017-05-22
[Campus News] "The Elergy of Whiteness" Selected as Book of the 2017 GJRT
The CNU Library has announced that Han Kang’s The Elergy of Whiteness was selected as the Book of the Year for the 2017Gwangju and Jeonnam R
김유나 기자   2017-05-19
[Campus News] CNU Commemorates the 37th Anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement
On May 18, 2017, Chonnam National University (CNU) held the 37th anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement at CNU Yongbong Hall. Ar
백민주 기자   2017-05-18
[News & Photo] International Students Tasted Traditional Korean Culture
Greeting May, full of various festivals in Korea, a total of 79 international students of Foreign Students’ Experience Group at CNU visited
백민주 기자   2017-05-12
[News Focus] What Is the Purpose of Universities?
There is a consensus that the roles of universities are changing in modern society, even though universities essentially devoted to educatio
김유나 기자   2017-05-12
[Campus News] No General Student Council in 2017
The reelection for the 49th General Student Council (GSC) and General Female Student Council (GFSC) at CNU were cancelled again due to low v
이윤주 기자   2017-05-12
[Gallery] CNU Professors for Democracy Hosts an Forum on University Culture
김유나 기자   2017-05-04
[News & Photo] CNU Operates Urban Agricultural Program
CNU operates an urban agriculture program organized by the Institute for Agricultural Practice Education. The program aims to integrate inte
이소이 기자   2017-05-04
[Campus News] CNU Yeosu Campus Celebrating 100th anniversary
On May 1, Chonnam National University celebrated the 100th anniversary of the foundation of its Yeosu Campus with great success. Almost 400
백민주 기자   2017-05-04
[Campus News] Voting for the Book of the 2017 GJRT Ends
Voting for the Book of the Year for the 2017Gwangju and Jeonnam Read and Talk (GJRT) organized by the CNU Library, finished on April 30. A t
김유나 기자   2017-04-04
[Campus News] Public Hearing on Election Promises of 2017 G(F)SC
On March 28, the CNU Central Election Management Commission (CEMC) hosted a public hearing on the election promises of the candidates for th
백민주 기자   2017-03-29
[Campus News] 3·28 General Student Assembly Cancelled Due to Lack of Participation
백민주 기자   2017-03-29
[Gallery] Hongmaehwa on CNU campus
이윤주 기자   2017-03-23
[Campus News] Students Reap Benefits of Volunteering Abroad
CNU students had the opportunity to volunteer abroad through a short-term volunteer and education program hosted by the Office of Student Af
이경륜 기자   2017-03-20
[News Focus] General Student Council Should Be Related to Students
Last year, Chonnam National University (CNU) failed to elect a president for the 49th General Student Council (GSC) due to the low turnout o
이윤주 기자   2017-03-20
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