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[Gallery] The 29th Chrysanthemum Show
A beautiful chrysanthemum pot is on display. Chrysanthemum study team ‘Super-KH’ which consist of Division of Plant Biotechnology students h
편자성 기자   2013-11-15
[Gallery] Job Support Program
CNU senior students are having a practice interview.
손현지 기자   2013-11-12
[Gallery] Close-up
“Ultimately this is really not a political issue, so much as a moral issue. If we allow that to happen, it is deeply unethical.” – fro
허시준 기자   2009-09-24
[Gallery] CNUians, Remember the May 18
CNUians, Remember the May 18
김주원 전대신문 수습기자   2009-05-27
[Gallery] Pay It Forward
“That's me. That's three people. And I'm going to help them.Something they can't do by themselves. Then they do it three other people. That'
오울 기자   2009-03-21
[Gallery] From Little Miss Sunshine
"A real loser is somebody that's so afraid of not winning, they don't even try. Winners don't give up.” from Little Miss Sunshine
오울 기자   2008-11-26
[Gallery] Let's Enjoy Together!
Let's Enjoy Together!By Kim Bo-bae, Student EditorPhoto by Jeong Eui-cheol (Junior, Major of Geosystem Engineering) At the opening ceremonie
김보배 기자   2008-09-15
[Gallery] Close-up
" Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other pe
김보배 기자   2008-09-15
[Gallery] Fly
By Kim Ji-eun, Tribune ReporterPhoto by Kwon Ji-hye, Student Editor FlyOpen up the part of you that want to hide away.You can shine.Forget a
김지은 기자   2008-01-19
[Gallery] At a Glance
Photo Team   2006-11-29
[Gallery] What though Life Conspire to Cheat You
Park Yun-mi, Na Hyun   2006-10-16
[Gallery] Youth
Park Yun-mi   2006-09-15
[Gallery] At a Glance
나현웅, 박윤미   2006-04-29
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