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[Howdy] Choi Soon-sill Scandal
Korean’s democracy was realized by the noble sacrifice of numerous people for several decades. However, the society has lost trust because o
김유나 기자   2016-11-25
[Howdy] Baek Nam-gi’s Death Certificate
Na Eun-ji (Sophomore, Department of English Education) The funeral for activist farmer Baek Nam-gi, who was struck by a police' water cannon
김유나 기자   2016-11-25
[Howdy] Earthquake Response System of South Korea
Lim Hyeong-cheon (Senior, Faculty of Economics) Last September, there were two strong earthquakes of magnitude 5.1 and 5.8 respectively in G
오희수 객원기자   2016-11-25
[Howdy] International Reaction to North Korea’s Nuclear Tests
Park Joo-young (Junior, Dept. of English Language and Literature) North Korea’s launching of nuclear tests has been a growing issue of conce
오희수 객원기자   2016-11-25
[Column] Before and After
Autumn days remind me of Rilke, who spent lonesome and restless nights dreaming of a complete and perfect life. Surely it is too early to sp
한장희 경영학과 교수   2016-11-25
[Column] Reform to Be Hyper-competitive: Introducing the Performance-based Payment System to Public Sectors
On September 27, 2016, a Seoul citizen posted a hand-written poster entitled “Okay to Be Inconvenient” at Oksu Subway Station. The poster ai
이보람 교육대학원 미술교육전공   2016-11-17
[Howdy] Protest at Ewha Womans University
Students of Ewha Womans University protested against the university administration’s decision to establish Light Up Your Future in Ewha Coll
최해리 기자   2016-09-27
[Howdy] Dispute over THAAD Deployment
Seongju residents have protested against the government’s unilateral decision to install the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) at
이윤주 기자   2016-09-27
[Column] Don’t Be Defined by Your Mistakes
We are all our own stars in the video games of our lives. The world revolves around us. We are constantly judging, re-evaluating and ponderi
Scott Findlay   2016-09-27
[Column] Seoul’s Youth Allowance
Seoul’s youth allowance, a monthly subsidy of 500,000 won for six months is helpful for unemployed young people at the end of their rope. Th
최해리 기자   2016-09-21
[Column] Kim Young-ran Anti-graft Law
The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act, as known the Kim Young-ran law, will come into force on September 28 this year. When it goes into e
이윤주 기자   2016-09-21
[Spotlight] Liberal Arts for Scientists, Science as a Liberal Art
When asked to write an article about liberal education, I found myself laughing inside. Wasn’t I the person who is most ignorant and indiffe
황인각 물리학과 교수   2016-09-19
[Howdy] Panama Papers Scandal
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) disclosed recently a Panamanian law firm’s secret documents called the ‘Pan
최수인 기자   2016-05-19
[Howdy] Child Abuse Prevention
Recently, a series of child abuse cases, especially those caused by family members, have shocked our society. It made many people realize th
김소희 기자   2016-05-19
[Column] 2016 General Election Results for the National Assembly
The results of the 2016 general election are very interesting and shocking. The Minju Party got the largest number of seats beating the ruli
김소희 기자   2016-05-19
[Column] Artificial Intelligence and Human Society
About a month ago, AlphaGo, a computer program developed by Google DeepMind to play the board game of Go, had a match with Lee Se-dol, the w
최수인 기자   2016-05-19
[Reader's Contribution] Wando Jangbogo Fishery Festival May 2016.
GFN 98.7 FM is hosting another FREE event. Wando Jangbogo Fishery Festival 2016, GFN Amazing Race with GFN 98.7 FM. Team ‘Zalmi’ & ‘Pak’ gro
Muhammad Umar PhD Student   2016-05-17
[Reader's Contribution] Yeogam Wagin Culture Festival 2016
GFN 98.7 FM is hosting another FREE event. Yeogam Wagin Culture Festival 2016, First Annual GFN Amazing Race Team ‘PAK’ & ‘Zalmi’ group of C
Muhammad Umar PhD Student   2016-05-17
[Spotlight] What Should Humanities Courses in Social Sciences Teach?
“Why are you sitting here?” is the first question I ask to some unfortunate students sitting in the front at the first day of my Introductio
황석현 심리학과 교수   2016-05-16
[Perspective] Attracted to Lying
The doctor laughed out loud when we told him what brought us to the hospital. Nine years ago, when my little brother Tony was seven, he swal
유혜미 기자   2016-03-25
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