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[Column] Artificial Intelligence and Human Society
About a month ago, AlphaGo, a computer program developed by Google DeepMind to play the board game of Go, had a match with Lee Se-dol, the w
최수인 기자   2016-05-19
[Reader's Contribution] Wando Jangbogo Fishery Festival May 2016.
GFN 98.7 FM is hosting another FREE event. Wando Jangbogo Fishery Festival 2016, GFN Amazing Race with GFN 98.7 FM. Team ‘Zalmi’ & ‘Pak’ gro
Muhammad Umar PhD Student   2016-05-17
[Reader's Contribution] Yeogam Wagin Culture Festival 2016
GFN 98.7 FM is hosting another FREE event. Yeogam Wagin Culture Festival 2016, First Annual GFN Amazing Race Team ‘PAK’ & ‘Zalmi’ group of C
Muhammad Umar PhD Student   2016-05-17
[Spotlight] What Should Humanities Courses in Social Sciences Teach?
“Why are you sitting here?” is the first question I ask to some unfortunate students sitting in the front at the first day of my Introductio
황석현 심리학과 교수   2016-05-16
[Perspective] Attracted to Lying
The doctor laughed out loud when we told him what brought us to the hospital. Nine years ago, when my little brother Tony was seven, he swal
유혜미 기자   2016-03-25
[Howdy] Apple’s Refusal to Unlock iPhones
Kim Hye-in (Sophomore, Department of Public Administration)The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claimed that Apple must unlock a terror
김유나 기자   2016-03-22
[Howdy] Filibuster against the Anti-terrorism Bill
Kim Min-ji (Sophomore, Dept. of English Language Education)Recently, 39 lawmakers of opposition parties made a long relay speech to stall an
이경륜 기자   2016-03-22
[Howdy] Pressure on North Korea over Missile Launch
During the Lunar New Year’s holiday, North Korea’s missile launch was a hot potato. North Korea has been concentrated on building up asymmet
이경륜 기자   2016-03-22
[Howdy] South Korea-Japan Comfort Women Deal
Recently, South Korea and Japan came to an agreement about the ‘comfort women’ problem that has distressed us for a long time. However, the
김유나 기자   2016-03-22
[Howdy] Embracing Syrian Refugees
The Chonnam Tribune asked students for their opinions about some international issues. How about reading this article and making your own op
유혜미 기자   2015-11-13
[Howdy] State-authored History Textbook Controversy
The Chonnam Tribune asked students for their opinions about some social issues including state history textbook and Syrian refugee problems.
유혜미 기자   2015-11-13
[Spotlight] Korea Moving forward to Mature Welfare State?
Korean Welfare State since the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 Korea's welfare system has developed in earnest since the 1980s. In the late 1
김인춘 연세대학교 연구교수   2015-11-13
[Column] Student Volunteer Activities Should Create Shared Value
Since the 1990s, large enterprises and conglomerates in Korea have engaged in corporate social responsibility activities (CSR), such as dona
배지양 신문방송학과 교수   2015-11-13
[Column] There Is Still Hope for Us
A few days ago, I found small scribblings on the corner of the toilet wall. The scribblings written on the wall showed someone’s stuffy real
오희수 기자   2015-11-13
[Column] We Must Not Forget the Scar
A few days ago, Shinzo Abe expressed profound grief for Japan’s wartime past in his war anniversary statement but there is no fresh and dire
오희수 기자   2015-09-23
[Howdy] Wage Peak System
The Chonnam Tribune asked students for their opinions about some social issues that need lots of consideration. Why don’t you read this arti
전현정 기자   2015-09-10
[Howdy] NIS Hacking Suspicion
The Chonnam Tribune asked students for their opinions about some social issues that need lots of consideration. Why don’t you read this arti
박수경 기자   2015-09-10
[Spotlight] Child Welfare and Public Childcare Policy
Child welfare is defined as economic, social and emotional support to create basic conditions that permit children to lead a happy life and
이주연 생활환경복지학과 교수   2015-09-07
[Reader's Contribution] My Story
“The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.”- Stephen Richards My name is Muhammad Umar. I am from Paki
Muhammad Umar 경영전문대학원 박사과정   2015-06-17
[Spotlight] Is Korea Ready for an “Aging Society?”
Korea’s population is aging at the fastest pace among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries. Koreans ag
심미승 행정학과 교수   2015-05-14
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