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[Interview] Interview with Two Street Musicians
The Chonnam Tribune interviewed two buskers, Park Jae-hyung (Senior, Dept. of Korean Lang. & Lit.) and Moon Yong-ju (Freshman, Chosun Colleg
이수정 기자   2013-10-04
[People] Making a Precious Relationship with ISS at CNU
The Chonnam Tribune introduces two foreign professors who have a relationship with Chonnam National University and their book that recently
손현지 기자   2013-10-04
[Feature] Korean Wave in Uzbekistan
The sunlight of Uzbekistan in June was hot and bright. Walking on the street for only five minutes on foot, my back got damp with sweat. The
손현지 기자   2013-10-04
[Feature] What Makes Esplanade So Successful?
This is the first part of the 3-part special series on various topics covered through the 2013 Summer Overseas Coverage of the CNU Press and
김해인 기자   2013-09-09
[Special Report] Attractive Places on Yongbong Campus
The Chonnam Tribune inquired about attractive places on Yongbong campus on Facebook and selected five places that students recommended. - Ed
황재형 기자   2013-09-09
[Special Report] Let’s Make a Better Campus
As a new semester begins, the university campus is full of energy from its students. Some students are running along the streets on campus s
손현지 기자   2013-09-09
[Feature] Brief History of the Chonnam Tribune
1968The Chonnam Tribune was first published on July 15th by the proposal of Professor Kim Tae-jin, who insisted that establishment of a univ
황재형 조세현 이수정 수습기자   2013-06-03
[Feature] English University Newspapers’ Role in History: Chonnam Tribune Reflects the Changes
The Chonnam Tribune has been in circulation for the past 45 years and is the official English newspaper of Chonnam National University (CNU)
Rigoberto Banta Jr. 기자   2013-06-03
[Special Report] University-Industry Collaboration Activities
The University Industry Liaison Office of CNU was established on February 5th, 2004 to promote industrial development through the research o
허지연 객원기자   2013-06-03
[Special Report] Global Social Contribution Activities
The domain of social contribution activities of Chonnam National University (CNU) is becoming globalized. The School of Dentistry and Medica
윤지연 객원기자   2013-06-03
[Special Report] CNU Embracing Community beyond the University
In a modern knowledge-based society, it is emphasized that universities should contribute to the development of neighboring communities and
손현지 기자   2013-06-03
[Cover Story] One City, One Book: All Gwangju Citizens to Read the Same Book
Chonnam National University (CNU) has started a new community reading project, ‘Gwangju Reads and Talks (GRAT)’, which is supervised by the
편자성 기자   2013-06-03
[Feature] Revolution for Freedom & Democracy
This year is the 33rd anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Uprising in 1980 that Gwangju citizens including Chonnam National University stud
Zack Liang, Kaye Eunice Hosmil   2013-05-21
[Cover Story] Student Satisfaction with Educational and Convenient Facilities Improves
CNU Annual Survey ShowsIncrease in Student Satisfaction with University Facilities It showed that students of Chonnam National University (C
김해인 기자   2013-05-21
[Special Report] Shuttle Bus Service Needs Improvement
iRecently, complaints have arisen regarding the shuttle bus service bridging between Gwangju and Yeosu campuses of Chonnam National Universi
김준성 객원기자   2013-05-21
[Special Report] Enough Seats for Studying at CNU?
Two months ago, there was a documentary on channel KBS1, called ‘Homo academicus’, which tracks the best way of studying for men. The docume
허지윤 객원기자   2013-05-21
[Special Report] Facilities for the Disabled Students
What facilities does Chonnam National University (CNU) provide to disabled students? There was a total of 31 disabled students at CNU last y
손현지 기자   2013-05-21
[Special Report] Student-centered Management Needed
Student-centered Facilities Management NeededWho are the convenient facilities operated for? By Kim Su-yeon, Tribune Reporter Convenient fa
김수연 기자   2013-05-13
[Interview] Job Interview Makeup Class for Men
Job Interview Makeup Class for Men By Kim Sung-young, Cub-Reporter AMOREPACIFIC organized a job interview makeup class for men in the basem
김성영 수습기자   2013-04-23
[Interview] Crisis of the SBST: Students and Faculty Together to Regain Their Status
Crisis of the School of Biological Sciences and TechnologyStudents and Faculty Together to Regain Their Status By Lim Seon-young, Tribune R
임선영 기자/황재형 수습기자   2013-04-10
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