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[World Report] No Police Brutality in the Community
A 17-year-old boy got tasered by police in Texas last December. According to CNN, a fight took place at Cedar Creek High school. Two girls w
김해인 기자   2014-03-27
[Into the Campus] How About Enjoying the Benefit of Student Organizations?
Student organizations at the university are beneficial to students in that they are great opportunities to create relationships and strength
손현지 기자   2014-03-12
[Global Campus] Welcome to Groningen!
Groningen is known for being a student city because there are big and popular universities are located here, so the average age of its resid
한희라 해외통신원   2014-03-12
[Global Campus] Start to Be a Lithuanian
“Love with Lithuanians~!” It is one of the aims of Siauliai University (SU) for exchange students. SU operates Erasmus and Tandem programs f
정진향 해외통신원   2014-03-12
[Global Campus] The Hospitality of Grenfell Campus
Here in Canada, it gets a lot of snow and it is getting colder and colder. I would like to give you my story about the hospitality and potlu
안선후 해외통신원   2014-03-12
[Global Campus] Get Going, Inspired and Involved
With the celebration of the 175th anniversary, the University of Missouri (MU) welcomes 33,805 students back to school. Unlike Chonnam Natio
김한나 해외통신원   2014-03-12
[World Report] Flowers That Never Fade
South Korea’s exhibition on Korean enforced sex slaves by Japan during the Second World War at the Angouleme International Comics Festival (
이고은 해외통신원   2014-03-11
[Foreign Community] Learning Korean Language
I have been married to a Koran lady for more than a decade, but never have learnt more than two words of 안녕하세요(Greetings) and 고맙습니다(Thank yo
Surgit Singh Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-01-21
[Foreign Community] Issues and Problems Faced by International Students
The 1st Gwangju Youth Network (GYN) was a type of dialogue conducted by the Gwangju International Center (GIC) in order to help internationa
Aaron Denison 말레이시아 교환학생   2013-12-19
[Into the Campus] Fisheries Science for Regional Development
Yeosu is in the middle of the South Coast and the central axis of marine fisheries and aquiculture. As the city which held Expo 2012, Yeosu
손현지 기자   2013-12-09
[Global Campus] Thrift Shops in the U.K.
Typically found off the beaten track, the second hand shop is a place you can find a gem of an item for a fraction of the price. The shops a
Gregory Reid 교환학생   2013-12-09
[Global Campus] Luci Falls in Love with Taiwan
I started life as an exchange student at Fu Jen Catholic University (FJU), Taiwan from last September. And it is already November. As many p
오지현 해외통신원   2013-11-28
[Global Campus] National Chiao Tung University
National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, operates a dual degree program with Chonnam National University. NCTU is one
임선영 기자   2013-11-15
[Global Campus] When You Are Feeling Blue
As a clear blue sky is coming, people’s minds are also colored blue. This is because problems are easily spotted at the beginning and someti
김한나 해외통신원   2013-11-12
[Foreign Community] International Day: Home Abroad
Clouds of smokes filled the morning, as early as 9 a.m. In that smoke, a familiar smell clogged my senses, a smell of charcoal, barbequed me
Rizal Rozhan 교환학생   2013-10-17
[Global Campus] Curtin University
Since 2012, Chonnam National University students could study at Curtin University (CU), the largest and most multi-cultural university in We
손현지 기자   2013-10-04
[Into the Campus] Becoming a Hub of Automotive Research
The Automotive Research Center (ARC) was established in 1995 by a couple of mechanical engineering professors at Chonnam National University
윤수홍 객원기자   2013-10-04
[Global Campus] Luci Falls in Love with Taiwan
The Chonnam Tribune will publish the story of an exchange student in Taiwan from this September as a series of articles, and this first part
오지현 해외통신원   2013-09-24
[Global Campus] Getting Involved: Better Life with Maintaining Campus
As the new semester begins, the campus is bustling with students and a number of school events. Students have spent a great deal of time get
김한나 해외통신원   2013-09-09
[Into the Campus] Northumbria University
The Chonnam Tribune provides information about international partner universities CNU students can study abroad from this issue. – Ed.
김해인 기자   2013-09-09
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