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[Travelogue] Ukraine, a Fabulous Place to Travel
Everything began when Chonnam National University gave us the opportunity to change our perception of traveling to foreign countries. It is
Rakhmetov Anar 객원기자   2011-03-08
[Reporter’s Sketch] The Traces of the Modern History of Gwangju
Yangrim-dong, the Modern History of Gwangju By Jang Kuen-won, Tribune Reporter How much do you know about your region? I am not from Gwangj
장근원 기자   2011-03-08
[Reporter’s Sketch] Travel into a Water World
Travel into a Water World By Seo Jung-eun, Tribune Cub-reporter What one item do you think is most desired by travel lovers? I think it is
서정은 수습기자   2011-01-19
[Review] Communication through Pop Art
Communication through Pop Art-“POP: ART SUPERSTAR KEITH HARING in Gwangju”- By Kim Han-na, Tribune Reporter Many people would flash on Andy
김한나 기자   2010-12-30
[Review] Are the Disabled Different?
Are the Disabled Different?- Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish By Choi Hye-seon, Senior, Dept. of English Language and Literature In November,
최혜선 기자   2010-12-20
[Reporter’s Sketch] Art Museum Journey in Seoul
Art Museum Journey in Seoul By Kim Sun-woo, Tribune Reporter Are you interested in the arts? On November 5th to 6th, this reporter, majorin
김선우 기자   2010-11-27
[Review] Life among the Images
A Life among the Images- The 8th Gwangju Biennale 2010, “10,000 Lives” - Generally speaking, modern society is represented by the media. Ver
김한나 기자   2010-11-11
[Reporter’s Sketch] A Gallery of Murals
A Gallery of Murals- Sihwa Culture Village, Gwangju - By Jeon Joo-hee, Student Editor Have you ever heard of a Mural village? On September
전주희 기자   2010-10-18
[Review] The Pulitzer Prize Photographs
We Live In a Global Village- The Pulitzer Prize Photographs- By Hyeon Ji-yeong, Tribune Reporter I had the opportunity to see The Pulitzer
현지영 기자   2010-10-05
[Reporter’s Sketch] My Feestival behind the Stage
My Festival behind the Stage- Gwangju World Music Festival Volunteer Supporters - By Um So-min, Tribune Reporter When I first heard about a
엄소민 기자   2010-09-08
[Review] Musical Monte Cristo
Musical Monte Cristo: Fantastic Combination between Technology and Actors By Bak Han-byeol, Student Editor I enjoy cultural experience from
박한별 기자   2010-08-29
[Travelogue] Sunshine Summer in Europe
Europe, who does not yearn for that word which hides every romantic sense and sight? From the moment I confirmed my trip to Europe with 2010
엄소민 기자   2010-08-18
[Reporter’s Sketch] Happy Memories in Seomjingang Train Theme Park
Happy Memories in Seomjingang Train Theme Park By Park Hyo-gyeong, Tribune Reporter Have you ever visited the train station where a train do
박효경 기자   2010-07-05
[Reporter’s Sketch] The First CNU Flea Market
The First CNU Flea Market By Park Hyo-gyeong, Tribune Reporter A flea market, an outdoor market which sells used goods for little money, was
박효경 기자   2010-06-19
[Review] Boarderline Case: The Forth Kind
Boarderline Case, The Fourth Kind By Lee Ji-woo, Student Editor What makes a movie successful? Some will say it is the actors or a unique v
이지우 기자   2010-03-11
[Reporter’s Sketch] Birthday Celebrations in Korea
By Choi Hye-seon, Student Editor Birthday Celebrations in Korea Korean people normally eat two things on their birthday: cake and brown sea
최혜선 기자   2010-03-11
[Reporter’s Sketch] A Walk Along Gwangju Art Street
A Walk Alogn Gwangju Art Street By Um So-min, Tribune Reporter Ye-hyang, which means homeland of arts, is one of many nick-names of Gwangju
엄소민 기자   2010-03-08
[Reporter’s Sketch] Hot Palce for Youth: U-square and Gwangchun Area
Hot Place for Youth: U-square and Gwangchun Area You can get everything like shopping, foods and culture there!By Jeon Joo-hee, Tribune Repo
전주희 기자   2010-03-07
[Travelogue] Australia, Somewhere New and Exciting
People always hope for summer to come in winter and for winter to come in summer. Actually, the same rule applied to me for choosing Austral
이민영 객원기자   2010-03-01
[Review] Humanity between Trust and Distrust
Humanity between Trust and Distrust - Secret Reunion (2010) By Heo Si-joon, Tribune Reporter Korean, whoever South Korean or North Korean, h
허시준 기자   2010-03-01
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