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[Information] Aha! Learning Community
Aha! Learning Community consists of diverse educational programs to provide opportunities for students who want to foster their learning abi
나민아 기자   2018-03-15
[Information] Library Guidance Service for Freshmen
Library Guidance Service for freshmen is being operated to offer information about how to use library resources and services on the second f
나민아 기자   2018-03-15
[Ketchup-Movie] What Happened to Monday?
Joe: I know you feel for these children. But this is on their parents, not you.Cayman: Sometimes, I think to hell with it. To hell with* eve
이은지 기자   2018-03-09
[Information] Convergence Major of 2018
CNU is launching a multidisciplinary course “Convergence Major” in the spring the semester of 2018. By combining over two departments or maj
나민아 기자   2018-01-15
[Information] CNU Portal Site
CNU Portal Site will provide an English language service to support international students who are having trouble doing assignments, paying
나민아 기자   2017-11-16
[Ketchup-Movie] Ketchup-Movies
By Na Mina, Student Editor Deckard: I'm in a bar, here now, down in the Fourth Sector. Taffey Lewis is on the line. Why don't you come down
나민아 기자   2017-11-10
[Ketchup-Movie] Ketchup_Movie: Okja
Dr. Johnny: You know, you are forcing me...Mirando: I am forcing you do what?Dr. Johnny: To examine my options.Mirando: Oh, really? Okay. Go
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 기자   2017-09-12
[Information] Winter Session Courses
Winter Session Courses are open for registration. The session is a four week period over winter vacation and provides good opportunities for
이소이 기자   2017-09-12
[Information] General Student Council Elections
General Student Council Elections will take place on November 21. The Central Election Management Committee confirmed the candidates for the
이소이 기자   2017-08-31
[Interest] University of Warsaw Festival: Enjoying a Club Party
I came back to Chonnam National University (CNU) after finishing my exchange student life at the University of Warsaw (UW) last semester. I
안동권, 경영학부 4학년   2017-08-31
[Information] 2017 Fall Student Club Fair
Student Club Fair will be held on September 18 to 19 around Bongji. This event, operated by the General Student Club Association, is a good
이소이 기자   2017-08-31
[Information] CNU Media Reporters Recruitment
CNU Press and Broadcasting Center recruits new members of three campus media: The Chondae Shinmun, Chonnam Tribune, CNU Broadcasting. They a
이소이 기자   2017-08-31
[Information] International Summer Session 2017
The International Summer Session 2017 (ISS) offers a variety of cources in English from June 27 to July 22. It is a four-week program where
백민주 기자   2017-05-30
[Information] 2017 CNU College and Career Fair
Chonnam National University (CNU) is going to hold the 2017 College and Career Fair from June 2 to 3, 2017. It is a program for high school
이은지 수습기자   2017-05-30
[Information] Student Culture Forum
A cultural forum for students will take place at Student Union #1 building at 3pm on June 5. Chonnam national University (CNU) arranged the
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 수습기자   2017-05-30
[Ketchup-Movie] Beauty and the Beast
Beast: That hurts!Belle: If you'd hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much.Beast: Well… If you hadn't run away, this wouldn't have happen
이경륜 기자   2017-05-12
[Ketchup-Movie] Ketchup-Movie " Moana"
Moana: Ocean! Do something. Help us.Maui: The ocean does not help you. You help yourself. You cannot sail?Moana: I am soft touch*.- From Moa
김유나 기자   2017-03-07
[Ketchup-Movie] Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Emma: I’ll hold him up as long as I can Jake: Get the others! I’ll meet you at the loop entrance. (Emma starts using super wind to freeze Ba
Nguyen Huong 기자   2016-11-17
[Ketchup-Movie] Sweet Talking
Gang A: I wanted to come by and personally say thank you. You are making me good money, I’m making you good money.Joker: Are you sweet talki
나민아 기자   2016-09-12
[Information] International Partner University: USA & UM
The University of South CarolinaNext semester, CNU will dispatch its first exchange student to the University of South Carolina (USC) in the
최수인 기자 / 김소희 기자   2016-05-23
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