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[Foreign Community] Embarrassing Untold Stories in CNU Dormitory
My first time living in Korea is also my first time living in a dormitory which leads to an array of other ’first-time’ events. Some are exc
Huong Nguyen 기자   2015-09-10
[Foreign Community] My Epic Escape to Wonderlands of Korea
School is out, summer is in. After four months being cooped up by classes, I finally rewarded myself with journeys to the prides of South Ko
Huong Nguyen 기자   2015-09-10
[Global Campus] Exchange Student's Experience in the U.S.
Most university students need a considerable amount of money for purchasing textbooks or living cost every semester. Especially when they ar
이정미 영어영문학고 4학년   2015-09-08
[Global Campus] The Wise Way to Spend Money in Lithuania
Labadiena! This means 'Hello!' in Lithuanian language. I can guess only a few people have heard about Lithuania. This nation is located abov
장소라, 심리학과 4학년   2015-09-01
[Global Campus] University-branded Store in Canada
The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), on the main campus located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, has a bookstore t
이찬미 기자   2015-05-11
[Global Campus] Exchange Student Life in Korea Broadens My Horizons
When I came to Korea, a multitude of things happened simultaneously. It was exciting and challenging. During the first few weeks, I had to f
Tan Wan Qing 말레이시아 교환학생   2015-05-11
[Foreign Community] Vietnamese Celebrating Nation Unification and Labor Day
On 26th April, Vietnamese students studying at CNU organized a celebration show marking the 40-year anniversary of the South and the North o
Huong Nguyen 수습기자   2015-05-01
[World Report] Brazil Needs a Rain Dance
A few weeks ago, my Brazilian flat mate showed a video to me. There were people performing a rain dance called ‘chuva’, meaning rain in Port
김성영 해외통신원   2015-03-09
[World Report] China’s War on Air Pollution
In China, the place has become too crowded and people are using up natural resources, polluting the environment with fuels and chemicals. If
Xu Xin, Zhengzhou University,   2015-03-09
[Global Campus] Beautiful Farewell
How can a goodbye be considered good when you are leaving a place that you have grown to call home? When four months of love and investment
Audra Toews 캐나다 교환학생   2015-03-09
[International] University of Hawaii at Manoa
The University of Hawaii (UH) at Manoa made a student exchange agreement with Chonnam National University (CNU) on April 19th, 2011. Two qua
전현정 기자   2015-03-09
[World Report] Eastern Europe Still at War
In the last summer, I travelled around in Eastern European countries. What struck me most was not great palaces and castles, or peoples, lan
이영철, 행정학과 교수   2014-11-13
[Global Campus] How to Save Money for Exchange Student Life
Since I first got into university, I have always dreamt of being an exchange student. I went to the University of Missouri (MU) for an acade
김한나 객원기자   2014-08-27
[Foreign Community] The Best and Most Challenging Experience of My Life
In December 2013 I received an e-mail from the study abroad office at my home university. The e-mail contained information about applying fo
Tiffany Cloutier 캐나다 교환학생   2014-06-25
[Global Campus] CNU Gave Me a Wonderful Experience with Cherry Blossom
My life in Republic of Korea was great. I am feeling blessed because I could stay in Gwangju and experiencing Korean education at Chonnam Na
Raiza Febynenia Lalopua 교환학생   2014-06-25
[Foreign Community] Totem Poles: Art of Wood Carving to Ward Off Evil Spirits
The word totem is a term derived from tribes, which lived in North America, but totemistic believers are not limited to Native Americans and
Surgit S. Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-05-27
[Foreign Community] The Apartment Cities
Upon my arrival in South Korea there were two big cultural differences I noticed almost immediately: the first being the honorific society,
Michelle McClure, 미국 교환학생   2014-05-13
[Foreign Community] Gwangju Is a City I Can Now Call My Home
You have returned from spending an amazing summer in South Korea, and you are sitting in your dormitory in the Fall semester wondering what
Jeremy Azurin, 미국 교환학생   2014-05-13
[World Report] Brazil’s Preparations for 2014 FIFA World Cup
There were two deaths in Brazil recently. One person, a British oil worker, was killed by two gunmen in Rio de Janeiro in an attempted carja
김성영 해외통신원   2014-04-30
[Foreign Community] My Experience at Chonnam National University
In my dreams also, I never thought that at this advanced age and being lack of knowledge I would be studying in a foreign university and tha
Surgit Singh Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-04-07
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