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[Gallery] Youth
Park Yun-mi   2006-09-15
[Campus News] Campus News
Kim Bo a, Park Sa ra   2006-04-29
[Gallery] At a Glance
나현웅, 박윤미   2006-04-29
[In-depth Report] Shift In Korean's Attitude Toward Mixed Bloods
김완진 기자   2006-04-29
[Campus News] What Is Going on in Campus?
Tribune Cub-Reporter   2005-12-03
[In-depth Report] KHC Returns the Love To the Neighbors
김윤희 기자   2005-12-03
[Campus News] In Brief
Student Representatives Conference A conference of student representatives was held at the auditorium in the College of Humanities Building
박하연 기자, 유정상 기자   2005-10-08
[In-depth Report] Effects of Relocation of KEPCO to Gwangju on Gwangju
KEPCO's Relocation to Gwangju Lately, it has been settled that the largest state-owned corporation, KEPCO, which stands for Korea Electric P
트리뷴   2005-08-12
[In-depth Report] Merger of CNU And YUN : A Stepping Stone to Success or Failure?
CNU-YNU Merger is a hot issue that will command the future of Chonnam National University (CNU) and Yosu National University (YNU). Kang Jun
트리뷴   2005-08-11
[Campus News] MU Chancellor Deaton Received an Honorary Ph.D.
1.MU Chancellor Deaton Received an Honorary Ph. D. Brady Deaton, Chancellor of University of Missouri-Columbia, received an honorary doctora
김종희,박하연,유정상 기자   2005-06-20
[In-depth Report] Towards 'Internationalized' CNU
Towards an ‘Internationalized’ CNU In November 2004, Kang Jung-chaee, President of CNU, announced seven agendas for educational reform for t
지대성 기자   2005-06-20
[In-depth Report] What Makes the Disabled Handicapped
What Makes the Disabled Handicapped? The problem of the disabled is no longer an accessory social issue in Korea, an OECD member country. Ac
김완진 객원기자   2005-06-20
[In-depth Report] Globalization Compels Changes in Local Communities
Globalization compels changes in local communities Rice Market Opening Threatens Local Economies The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (M
김완진 객원기자   2005-04-21
[Campus News] In Brief
1. Dept. of Art Education Holds the Last Graduation Exhibition The Dept. of Art Education held the last graduation exhibition in Biennale In
김종희 기자   2005-04-21
[In-depth Report] We will Change Yongongians' Perception on Political GSc
In greeting the New Year, the Chonnam Tribune had an in-depth interview with newly elected Park Han-kyun, President of the 37th General Stud
김종희 기자   2005-04-21
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