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[Howdy] What's Your Opinion?
What Is Your OpinionAbout Direct Election System for University President? By Yoon Ji-yeon, Guest Reporter Na Seol-hee (Junior, Department
윤지연 객원기자   2012-08-27
[Howdy] What Do You Want the New President to Do for CNUians?
What Do You Want the New President to Do for CNUians? By Kim Hyun-kyung, Cub-Reporter “Increase university promotion and entrepreneurs’ lect
김현경 수습기자   2012-06-04
[Howdy] Are International Programs Safe?
Are International Programs Safe? By Yang A-reum, Guest Reporter “CNU’s programs are still safe.”Jeon Ji-eun (Junior, School of Business Admi
양아름 객원기자   2012-05-18
[Howdy] What Do You Think of New Course Registration System?
What Do You Think of New Course Registration System? By Kim Yoon-ji, Guest Reporter CNU has changed its on-line course registration system t
김윤지 객원기자   2012-04-10
[Howdy] What Art Your Expectations for 2012?
Celebrating the New Year:2011 Wrap-up and Expectations for 2012 By Pyun Ja-seong, Cub-ReporterKim So-jeong, Cub-ReporterYoon Ji-yong, Cub-Re
Chonnam Tribune   2012-01-09
[Howdy] Why Young People Are Gathering on Wall Street?
Wall Street, New York, the so-called financial capital of the world was crowded with young people from last October. They hold pickets with
강민희 기자   2011-11-14
[Howdy] Is Your Christmas the Same or Different?*
Is Your Christmas the Same or Different? When you go around the streets, you can hear Christmas carols and see some shops decorated with co
강민희 기자   2010-12-20
[Howdy] What Is Your Favorite Korean Pop Song?
We have frequently heard about the spread of Korean Fever, Hanlyu around the world and can easily find foreign students who like Korean popu
박한별 기자   2010-07-05
[Howdy] Your Views: The 42nd GSC*
Your Views: The 42nd GSC What Should It Do for Us? By Heo Si-joon, Tribune Reporter #287 Howdy, CNUians? The election of the 42nd General St
허시준 기자   2009-11-23
[Howdy] Hot Trends: Tea Break
Lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in Korea, but many may not realize that tea is becoming increasingl
오울 기자   2009-09-24
[Howdy] What Do You Want to Do?*
Asked freshmen What Do You Want to Do? By Park Sue-hye, Guest ReporterChonnam Tribune asked some freshmen what they want to do most during t
박수혜 객원기자   2009-03-21
[Howdy] How Do You Spend Your Pocket Money?
Chonnam Tribune asked CNU students two questions: How much do you get a month for pocket money and what do you spend the money on? 1. Jang S
트리뷴   2005-08-11
[Howdy] What Do You Think Are the Best Merits of Attending CNU?
What Do You Think Are the Best Merits of Attending CNU? Choi Seong-ho, junior, Department of English Language & Literature I’d like to say I
김종희   2005-06-20
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