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[Cover Story] Helpful Apps for Romantic Relationships
Take a look around, and you will find yourself and your friends complaining about relationships, regardless of their dating status. People i
이소이 기자   2016-05-16
[Interview] Webtoonist Mujeok Pink Byun Ji-min
Q1. I heard that when you first started to publish a webtoon, you were a student. Were there any difficulties in doing both work and studyin
김유나 기자 / 이경륜 기자   2016-05-16
[Cover Story] Institutions to Enhance Students’ Experience
It is important that students experience many things to carve out a better future. Many students do not have opportunities to do various act
노가현 기자   2016-03-21
[People] Kim Phil-kyu, JTBC Reporter to fact-check factual assertions
A news program attracts young people because of its new format of fact checking politician’s statements and commonly accepted views. It is J
김유나 기자   2016-03-21
[Cover Story] Youth Start-ups: Sparkling Challenges to Pursue Their Dreams
Getting a job is tough for youths in Korea these days. The youth unemployment rate is about 9%, higher than ever, and university students pr
나민아 기자   2016-03-11
[Feature] A Great Vision of Liberal Education
A few days ago, a student came to my office to get some advice from me. The student majors in business administration, but she is interested
김성근 기초교육원 교수   2016-03-11
[Cover Story] Interview with professor
The Chonnam Tribune asked Park Hae-gwang(Professor, Dept. of Sociology) for his opinion about current trends and the young generation. Q1. W
박수경 기자 / 김해인 기자   2015-11-17
[Cover Story] Let’s Relax and Enjoy It
Cheese in the Trap It is a popular webtoon which features the daily life, worries, and dreams of university students in Korea. This gains sy
박수경 기자 / 나민아 기자 / 김소희 기자   2015-11-13
[Cover Story] Cultural Trends Reflect the Real Lives of Young Generation
We are in the middle of the rise of different but similar cultures enjoyed by young generations. These kinds of cultures were considered as
박수경 기자 / 나민아 기자 / 김소희 기자   2015-11-13
[People] GFN’s CNUians
Many of you probably want to tell your story to the public. These days, most university students are familiar with social media to share the
김선우 객원기자   2015-09-08
[Cover Story] Art & Cultural Spaces around the World
Many cities around the world have their own arts & culture complexes to reflect their cultural lives and to make their environment more attr
나민아 기자   2015-09-08
[Cover Story] Asia Culture Center: Towards Asian Cultural Window to the World
The Asia Culture Center (ACC) partially opened its doors to the public on September 4th. The ACC opening was held three months ahead of the
오희수 기자/이찬미 기자   2015-09-07
[Feature] Preserving the Legacy of the Korean Independence Movement
This article is a special feature to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Korea’s Independence. The Overseas Coverage Team of the CNU Press a
박수경 기자   2015-09-01
[People] Muslim Students Studying at CNU
How many Korean students have experienced talking to Muslim students? Probably, only a few students would have done that because it has been
김선우 객원기자   2015-05-11
[Cover Story] Animal Shelter Volunteering
Every year, about 90,000 companion animals are abandoned or lost. Most of them are sent to animal shelters. Although the animal shelters are
김소희 기자   2015-05-11
[Cover Story] Can Animals Be Our Companions?
Nowadays, a lot of people live with an animal and they are called the pet family, generally shortened to ‘petfam’ which is the new word that
최수인 기자   2015-05-11
[Feature] About the Future of the Middle East
The situation of the Middle East world is getting more complicated since Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) emerged on the stage and s
Ha Young-sig, Journalist   2015-04-30
[Cover Story] DIY Culture
You probably have heard of the term ‘Do it yourself’, also known as DIY, which is mainly used for a behavior where people who create or prod
김해인 기자   2015-03-08
[Cover Story] Talent Donation Is To Learn To Live Together
Talent donation recently popularized, has become a trend for people in Korean society. This trend is making university students take an inte
오희수 기자   2014-11-16
[Cover Story] What Is Smart Consumption?
Where did all my money go? It would be your first reaction whenever you check your account balance. The money was sure there but it is not t
임선영 기자   2014-09-15
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