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[In-depth Report] Reports Need Red Comments
Reports Need Red CommentsBy Lee Han-na, Student Editor How many students got personal comments on their reports by professors last semester?
이한나 기자   2007-09-09
[Campus News] Campus News
Degree Conferment Ceremonies Held from February 21-27 By Park Sin-nam, Tribune Reporter CNU held the 2007 graduation ceremony from February
박윤미/박신남 /기병수 기자   2007-03-20
[Campus News] Campus News
CNU was appointed as the first university for human rights education and investigation by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHR
News Team   2007-01-16
[Gallery] At a Glance
Photo Team   2006-11-29
[Campus News] Campus News
Kim Dae-jung, Awarded Honorary Doctor’s DegreeBy Kim Bo-a, Tribune Reporter Kim Dae-jung, the former president, was granted an honorary doct
Chonnam Tribune   2006-11-29
[In-depth Report] In-depth Report
Aren’t you familiar with this procedure? It is a typical occurrence when students are trying to complete their report assignments. It’s kind
Shin Hwa-jeong   2006-11-29
[In-depth Report] Local Focus
You Jung-sang   2006-11-29
[Campus News] Campus News
A Major Course Centered on Essay Writing CNU introduces ‘a major course centered on writing an essay’ this fall semester. This pilot program
Kim Bo-a   2006-10-16
[In-depth Report] In-depth Report
Do you realize that many boarding students at Chonnam National University (CNU) constantly complain about their meals? In fact, complaints a
Shin Hwa-jeong 기자   2006-10-16
[In-depth Report] Local Focus
The 1st Gwangju International Performing Arts Festival (GIPAF) opened at Gwangju Culture and Art Center on August 17, 2006. The festival con
You Jung-sang   2006-10-16
[Gallery] What though Life Conspire to Cheat You
Park Yun-mi, Na Hyun   2006-10-16
[Campus News] Campus News
“It was cool and fantastic!” “I'll never forget this festival.” It is students’ voices that were heard that night. What happened that night?
Shin Hwa-jung, Kim B   2006-09-15
[In-depth Report] Shorter! and Shorter!
Miniskirt Report of 2006 Its length is about 10~20cm above the knees. Mini literally, is the abbreviation of the word Minimum. Miniskirts we
Shin Hwa-jung   2006-09-15
[In-depth Report] The Enthusiasm Of Audience Leads 7th JIFF to a Great Success
The 7th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) was held at the Cinema District of Jeonju from April 28 through May 5. During the period,
You Jung-sang   2006-09-15
[Gallery] Youth
Park Yun-mi   2006-09-15
[Campus News] Campus News
Kim Bo a, Park Sa ra   2006-04-29
[Gallery] At a Glance
나현웅, 박윤미   2006-04-29
[In-depth Report] Shift In Korean's Attitude Toward Mixed Bloods
김완진 기자   2006-04-29
[Campus News] What Is Going on in Campus?
Tribune Cub-Reporter   2005-12-03
[In-depth Report] KHC Returns the Love To the Neighbors
김윤희 기자   2005-12-03
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