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[Column] March for the Beloved in Myanmar
'March for the Beloved' in Myanmar We commemorate the anniversaries of the Gwangju Democratic Movement at this time of year, which is evalua
유원명   2005-06-20
[Column] It's Time to Adopt a "Code of Ethics"
It’s Time to Adopt “Code of Ethics” We sometimes have hard times judging what actions are don’ts and what are dos when we do not have a code
윤순석   2005-06-20
[Howdy] What Do You Think Are the Best Merits of Attending CNU?
What Do You Think Are the Best Merits of Attending CNU? Choi Seong-ho, junior, Department of English Language & Literature I’d like to say I
김종희   2005-06-20
[Column] The Happyness of Changing Yourself
The Happiness of Changing Yourself The sun of the New Year has already risen and our lives seem to be renewed by the opening of the New Year
유원명   2005-04-21
[Column] On Incubating Global Leaders
On Incubating Global Leaders No matter how we look at it, CNU's educational objective can be expressed in the same way as the title of this
Chonnam Tribune   2005-04-21
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