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[Foreign Community] Navruz-Holiday in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan is a country which is rich in traditions, national holidays and cultural heritage. There are a great many national holidays and e
Anvarjonov Nodirbek 경영학부 2학년   2016-09-12
[Foreign Community] Internationals' Talk about Korea
The Chonnam Tribune asked international students for their opinions about Korean culture and campus life at CNU. Let’s listen to what they s
Nguyen Huong 기자   2015-11-17
[Foreign Community] Longboarding Is a Little Piece of Heaven
My name is Kacper Nowak-Gocławski. I am 22 years old. I came to Kimchi Wonderland from Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. This is a place w
Kacper Nowak-Gocławski 교환학생   2015-11-13
[Foreign Community] My Intern Life in Korea
I am now working for the Gwangju International Center (GIC) as an intern. I enjoyed my time as an exchange student last semester with my fel
Farah Amin 광주국제교류센터 인턴   2015-11-13
[Foreign Community] CNU International Day
Thursday, October 29th. CNU hosted another event. It called International Day Festival 2015. Team ‘PAK’ won the first prize in international
Muhammad Umar, PhD Student   2015-11-04
[Foreign Community] Gwangju World Kimchi Festival 2015
Saturday, October 24th. GFN 98.7 FM is hosting another FREE event. Kimchi Festival Amazing Race in (Gwangju World Kimchi Festival 2015). Tea
Muhammad Umar 박사과정   2015-11-04
[Foreign Community] International’s Talk about CNU
The Chonnam Tribune asked International Students for their opinions about campus life and the challenging academic matters at CNU. Let’s lis
Huong Nguyen 기자   2015-09-10
[Foreign Community] International's Talk about Korea
The Chonnam Tribune asked international students for their opinions about Korean culture. Let’s listen to what they said.What do you think a
Huong Nguyen 기자   2015-09-10
[Foreign Community] The Pajama Test and My Korean Roommate
I have never had a roommate, let alone a roommate who has a completely different culture and lifestyle. Even though my roommate and I have d
Alvina Joanna 교환학생   2015-09-10
[Foreign Community] Embarrassing Untold Stories in CNU Dormitory
My first time living in Korea is also my first time living in a dormitory which leads to an array of other ’first-time’ events. Some are exc
Huong Nguyen 기자   2015-09-10
[Foreign Community] My Epic Escape to Wonderlands of Korea
School is out, summer is in. After four months being cooped up by classes, I finally rewarded myself with journeys to the prides of South Ko
Huong Nguyen 기자   2015-09-10
[Foreign Community] Vietnamese Celebrating Nation Unification and Labor Day
On 26th April, Vietnamese students studying at CNU organized a celebration show marking the 40-year anniversary of the South and the North o
Huong Nguyen 수습기자   2015-05-01
[Foreign Community] The Best and Most Challenging Experience of My Life
In December 2013 I received an e-mail from the study abroad office at my home university. The e-mail contained information about applying fo
Tiffany Cloutier 캐나다 교환학생   2014-06-25
[Foreign Community] Totem Poles: Art of Wood Carving to Ward Off Evil Spirits
The word totem is a term derived from tribes, which lived in North America, but totemistic believers are not limited to Native Americans and
Surgit S. Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-05-27
[Foreign Community] The Apartment Cities
Upon my arrival in South Korea there were two big cultural differences I noticed almost immediately: the first being the honorific society,
Michelle McClure, 미국 교환학생   2014-05-13
[Foreign Community] Gwangju Is a City I Can Now Call My Home
You have returned from spending an amazing summer in South Korea, and you are sitting in your dormitory in the Fall semester wondering what
Jeremy Azurin, 미국 교환학생   2014-05-13
[Foreign Community] My Experience at Chonnam National University
In my dreams also, I never thought that at this advanced age and being lack of knowledge I would be studying in a foreign university and tha
Surgit Singh Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-04-07
[Foreign Community] Learning Korean Language
I have been married to a Koran lady for more than a decade, but never have learnt more than two words of 안녕하세요(Greetings) and 고맙습니다(Thank yo
Surgit Singh Puri 한국어강좌 수강생   2014-01-21
[Foreign Community] Issues and Problems Faced by International Students
The 1st Gwangju Youth Network (GYN) was a type of dialogue conducted by the Gwangju International Center (GIC) in order to help internationa
Aaron Denison 말레이시아 교환학생   2013-12-19
[Foreign Community] International Day: Home Abroad
Clouds of smokes filled the morning, as early as 9 a.m. In that smoke, a familiar smell clogged my senses, a smell of charcoal, barbequed me
Rizal Rozhan 교환학생   2013-10-17
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