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[People] CNU Is a Nice Place for Achieving My Goal!
“CNU Is a Nice Place for Achieving My Goal”-Prof. John Gerard Fisher- By Park Hyo-gyeong, Student Editor At the beginning of this semester,
박효경 기자   2010-11-11
[People] We Are Ready to Be One
We Are Ready to Be One By Jang Min, Guest Reporter As the world has gotten smaller, CNUians are required to have a global mind and internati
장민 객원기자   2010-10-05
[People] If I Am the First to Try, I Can Create My Own Path
If I’m the First to Try, I Can Create My Own Path - Jang Seok-gyun, Studying Russian at CNU- By Hyeon Ji-yeong, Tribune Reporter As multi-l
현지영 기자   2010-09-15
[People] Prof. Tam Tran, "I'm Enjoying My New Life at CNU!"
I’m Enjoying My New Life at CNU!By Choi Hye-seon, Student EditorYou may have seen many foreigners on campus at Chonnam National University (
최혜선 기자   2010-07-05
[People] "Give It A Try" to adapt yourself to Korean Life
"Give It A Try" to adapt yourself to Korean Life Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai, Honorary Ambassadors for Studying in Korea By Jeon Joo-hee, Tribune
전주희 기자   2010-05-17
[People] "I Was Impressed with Kind CNUians!”
“I Was Impressed with KInd CNUians!” By Park Hyo-gyeong, Tribune Reporter If you had come to Chonnam National University (CNU) during last w
박효경 기자   2010-03-01
[People] Global Voice for Women
“Global Voice for Women” Kim Min-seon, the Governor of the Soroptimist International of America, Korea Region By Park Sue-hye, Guest Reporte
박수혜 객원기자   2009-09-24
[People] Your Choice Changes the World - Julian Warmington
Your Choice Changes the World -Julian WarmingtonBy Jang Min, Guest Reporter World Fair Trade Day was held on May 9th. Chonnam Tribune met Ju
장 민 객원기자   2009-05-27
[People] Dr. John Clemens
"Keep Dreaming of a Better World " Dr. John ClemensThe Director-Ceneral of the International Vaccine Institute By Kang Yeon-ah, Guest Report
강연아 객원기자   2009-03-21
[People] Challenge Whatever You Want to Do
Challenge Whatever You Want to Do By Lee Han-na, Student Editor Ni hao! As China has been growing rapidly in various fields, many people fro
이한나 기자   2007-11-24
[People] Warm-hearted Message from Japan
Warm-hearted Message from Japan By Park Sa-ra, Head Student Editor During last summer vacation, CNU Press andBroadcastingCenter (CNUPBC) int
박사라 기자   2007-09-10
[People] Be Positive, and Your Dream will Come True
These days, wine is appearing more often on Korean dinner tables. We often associate wine with a sommelier. Sommeliers often appear in comme
Kwon Ji-hye   2007-01-16
[People] Actions Speak Louder than Word
Chonnam Tribune looked for CNU students who are volunteers and interviewed Cho Dae-kwang (Senior, Dept. of Economics), a member of BeSunny,
Choi Young-mi   2006-10-16
[People] Kim Kwang-il
Most of us would have come across the issue of blood donation in our school days. On average, it is not recommended that a person donate blo
Park Ha-yeon   2006-09-15
[People] Park Na young the Winner of Golden Bell
Choi Young mi   2006-04-29
[People] Her Life with Opera
유정상   2005-12-03
[People] Breaking down the Barriers Between Us and Them
Breaking down the Barriers between Us and Them by Park Ha yeon, Tribune Reporter It has been a while since a great number of people started
박하연   2005-10-08
[People] Once You Change the Way of Thinking, the World Is Going to Be Changed"
The idea that Chonnam National University (CNU) is thought to be the leading university in this region has been caused by the expectation th
트리뷴   2005-08-12
[People] Toward a Newly Changed Society
The new Year has come. The Year 2005 can be viewed from opposing viewpoints: it is the 60th anniversary of our independence from Japanese oc
기용호   2005-04-21
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