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[Campus News] CNU President’s Cup Soccer Match opens
The opening game of 20th President’s Cup Soccer Tournamnet was held at the Main Stadium of CNU on April 28th. Total 64 teams joined and went
범철화 수습기자   2014-05-07
[Gallery] 2014 President's Cup Tournament
범철화 수습기자   2014-05-01
[News Focus] All of Gwangju and Jeonnam Talk about the Same Book
Chonnam National University (CNU) announced 10 candidate books and is holding a vote to choose the book for the 2014 Gwangju and Jeonnam Rea
임선영 기자   2014-04-30
[Campus News] 2014 International Education Fair Held at CNU
The 2014 CNU International Education Fair (IEF) organized by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) was held at the Administration on Mar
오희수 기자   2014-03-26
[News Focus] Is the Junior Year Abroad Program in Danger?
Chonnam National University (CNU) has dispatched a lot of students overseas every year through the study abroad programs including a Junior
편자성 기자   2014-03-12
[Campus News] New ‘Global Communication English’ Course Introduced
From the first semester of 2014, freshmen at CNUshould take a test-based lecture called ‘Global Communication English’. Students can get the
손현지 기자   2014-03-11
[Gallery] Which Club Would You Like to Join?
2014 CNU Club Exposition has been held around Bongji Fountain on March 10th, which is for promoting a variety of clubs to freshmen at CNU. M
편자성 기자   2014-03-10
[Campus News] Welcome New CNU Students
CNU held an entrance ceremony at the Auditorium on February 28th. At the ceremony 4,641 undergraduate students and 1,695 graduate students i
이다혜   2014-02-28
[Campus News] The 62th Graduation Ceremony
CNU held the 2013(62th) graduation ceremony at Aduitorium on February 26th. 3,939 students earned degrees: 2,942 bachelors, 850 masters and
이다혜   2014-02-27
[Gallery] The 62th CNU Graduation Ceremony
이다혜   2014-02-27
[Gallery] Welcome New Students!
오희수 수습기자   2014-02-12
[Campus News] 2014 Freshman Orientation Program
2014 Freshmen Orientation Program (새내기 새로배움터) was held at Auditorium from 1:30 pm on February 12th. The Gneral Student Council organized the
오희수 수습기자   2014-02-12
[Gallery] Foreigners taking a Korean language class at CNU
이다혜   2014-02-10
[Campus News] The Closing Ceremony of Freshman English Camp
The closing ceremony of the first session of the 2014 CNU Freshmen Jump-in Program (English Camp) was held at Convention Hall on January 24t
오희수 수습기자   2014-02-04
[Gallery] 2014 Freshman Jump-In Closing Ceremony
President Jee Byung-moon and freshmen are posing for a picture after 2014 Freshman Jump-In English Camp Closing Ceremony on January 24th.
오희수 수습기자   2014-01-27
[Gallery] CAC Conduct Audit & Inspections
The Central Audit Committee composed of representative students from each college at Chonnam National University has been conducting inspect
손현지 기자   2014-01-23
[Campus News] Welcoming Ceremony for the Opening of Goethe Institut at CNU
A welcoming ceremony for the opening of the Gwangju Office of Goethe Institut has held on January 15th from 11:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the bac
편자성 기자   2014-01-15
[Campus News] 2013 English Essay Contest Awards Ceremony Held
The Chonnam Tribune held an award ceremony on December 6th for the 2013 English Essay Contest at the University Administraion. The winners w
Chonnam Tribune   2013-12-09
[News Focus] Details of the EPTF Should Be Given
Chonnam National University (CNU) introduced an ambitious program to improve its students’ English abilities in the first semester of this y
조세현 기자   2013-12-09
[Campus News] From Sympathy to Action: The Way to Sympathize with STudents Is Communication
From November 11th, the election campaign for the 2014 General Student Council (GSC) and General Female Student Council (GFSC) started at Ch
김해인 기자   2013-12-05
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