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[Gallery] Protest against State-authored History Textbook
오희수 기자   2015-11-06
[Campus News] Protest against State-authored History Textbook at CNU
Students and professors in CNU's History Department protest a government plan to publish a state-authored history textbook, in front of the
오희수 기자   2015-11-06
[Gallery] Wonderful Indonesia
오희수 기자   2015-10-30
[Campus News] 2015 CNU International Day
CNU hosts a festival celebrating its International Day on Oct. 29th, 2015. This event featured several booths around Bongji such as interana
오희수 기자   2015-10-29
[Campus News] 2015 CNU Festival Comes to a Joyful End
The General Student Council of Chonnam National University (CNU) hosted 2015 Yongbong Daedong Festival from September 22nd to 24th. The main
전현정 기자   2015-10-20
[Gallery] Bandi Festival in CNU Dormitory
전현정 기자   2015-10-05
[Gallery] Gilnori on the street of the campus
오희수 기자   2015-09-25
[Gallery] Yongbong Song Contest
유혜미 기자   2015-09-24
[Gallery] Arm Wrestling
전현정 기자   2015-09-23
[Gallery] Five-on-Five Footsal Competition
전현정 기자   2015-09-22
[News Focus] Students Say the DCEP Needs Improvement
Students who want to study in another city can do so through a domestic credit exchange program (DCEP) and so they challenge themselves and
유혜미 기자   2015-09-08
[Campus News] CNU Students Achieve Great Results in a Vehicle Competition
The Club ‘AUTO’ which belongs to the School of Mechanical Systems Engineering at CNU won the first prize for the Electricity Vehicle field i
김소희 기자   2015-09-07
[Campus News] Students Volunteering in Laos
CNU students have carried out international help and love for the last five years. Since 2011, an international volunteering program success
유혜미 기자   2015-09-01
[Campus News] The 63rd Second Graduation Ceremony Held
CNU held the 63rd Second Graduation Ceremony at Yongji Hall on August 26th. At this ceremony, total 1,797 graduates were awarded degrees: 1,
전현정 기자   2015-08-31
[Campus News] CNU Trained American Students of CLS Program
The Language Education Center (LEC) at CNU has successfully completed the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Korean 2015 program of the U.S
김소희 기자   2015-08-31
[Campus News] CNU Successfully Completes International Summer Session
The 7th International Summer Session (ISS) was held from June 25th to July 20th. It is a program which provides students with high-quality E
김소희 기자   2015-08-31
[Campus News] CNU Hosts College Fair 2015
CNU held 2015 College Fair from July 17th to 18th on the Yongbong campus. 16 colleges and 80 faculties provided participating high school st
박수경 기자   2015-07-28
[Gallery] 2015 CNU College Fair
박수경 기자   2015-07-25
[Gallery] Baekdu Mountain
박수경 기자   2015-07-10
[Campus News] Typographical Errors on Signboards
Chonnam National University Museum of History contains spelling mistakes and word omissions on signboards. There is the word ‘National’ miss
유혜미 수습기자   2015-07-06
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