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[Column] At the Age of Globalization
The 21st century we are living is different from previous centuries and will continue to differ more and more into the future. This century
Chonnam Tribune   2006-11-29
[Column] Modern Culture and Participation
Grandiose, splendid, magnificent, and colorful are words which are regularly used to describe the ways modern mass culture is evolving, and
Chonnam Tribune   2006-10-16
[Column] Going abroad for Making a Better Opportunity
These days, it is frequently seen that many university students come and go abroad without hesitation. Traveling on the European continent c
Gi Yong-ho   2006-10-16
[Column] Conservatives and Progressives
It is said that Hegel, the prominent advocate of Idealism, read newspapers everyday. He said that the newspaper was his teacher. It is an ir
Chonnam Tribune   2006-09-15
[Column] Make Your Life Extraordinary!
One day, during one of my classes, the professor asked students when you felt regret. I thought to myself like this: When something has pass
Gi Yong-ho   2006-09-15
[Column] Four Precious Years
[#270 Editorial]
Chonnam Tribune   2006-04-29
[Column] What is Needed of Us?
[#270 Desk Column]
기용호   2006-04-29
[Column] Attitude on the Proposed National University System Change
Tribune   2005-12-03
[Column] Red or Blue? Sink or Swim?
Red or Blue? Sink or Swim? A few weeks ago, Kim Jae-chul, chair of Dongwon Corporation was invited to make a presentation on the topic of “T
Chonnam Tribune   2005-10-08
[Column] On the University Reform
It would be true to say that we will always live in a world of scarce economic resources. It is therefore imperative to rationally and effic
트리뷴   2005-08-11
[Column] March for the Beloved in Myanmar
'March for the Beloved' in Myanmar We commemorate the anniversaries of the Gwangju Democratic Movement at this time of year, which is evalua
유원명   2005-06-20
[Column] It's Time to Adopt a "Code of Ethics"
It’s Time to Adopt “Code of Ethics” We sometimes have hard times judging what actions are don’ts and what are dos when we do not have a code
윤순석   2005-06-20
[Column] The Happyness of Changing Yourself
The Happiness of Changing Yourself The sun of the New Year has already risen and our lives seem to be renewed by the opening of the New Year
유원명   2005-04-21
[Column] On Incubating Global Leaders
On Incubating Global Leaders No matter how we look at it, CNU's educational objective can be expressed in the same way as the title of this
Chonnam Tribune   2005-04-21
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