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기사 (전체 188건) 제목보기제목+내용
[Puzzle] 273 Puzzle
윤철훈 기자   2006-11-29
[Puzzle] 272 Puzzle
권지혜 기자   2006-10-16
[Puzzle] 271 Puzzle
박하연 기자   2006-09-15
[Puzzle] 270 Puzzle
최영미 기자   2006-04-29
[Ketchup-Movie] English Translation of Korean Classics ll
김달용 영어교육과 교수   2005-12-03
[Puzzle] 269 Puzzle
김지연, 박사라 기자   2005-12-03
[Ketchup-Movie] English Translation Of Korean Classics
English Translation of Korean Classics I English translation of Korean classics introduces the potential for Korean people’s world views, va
김달용 영어교육과 교수   2005-10-08
[Puzzle] 268 Puzzle
유정상 기자   2005-10-08
[Puzzle] Puzzle
《ACROSS》 1. Steven Spielberg's movie, ○○○ of the Worlds, is a new release in Korea. Tom Cruise plays the leading part in the movie. 2. One
Chonnam Tribune   2005-08-12
[Ketchup-Movie] Learning through Errors VI
Misordering errors are characterized by “the incorrect placement of a morpheme or group of morphemes in an utterance.” Learners of English a
김달용 영어교육과 교수   2005-08-12
[Ketchup-Movie] Learning through Errors V
Learning through Errors V Misformation errors are characterized by the use of the wrong forms of English morphemes or structures. In the utt
김달용 영어교육과 교수   2005-06-20
[Puzzle] Puzzle
Chonnam Tribune   2005-06-20
[Ketchup-Movie] Learning through Errors ⅳ
Learning through Errors IV Once Korean learners’ English errors are identified, the next step is to describe them adequately. Surface strate
김달용 영어교육과 교수   2005-04-21
[Puzzle] Puzzle
Chonnam Tribune   2005-04-21
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