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[Travelogue] Energy and Taste: Back to Sweet Home
Some people may think that the only dish of the Uzbek kitchen is pilaf. However, it is far from being so. The Uzbek national kitchen has a l
Nicky & Molly, 수습기자   2017-11-10
[Spotlight] One Blended Language Smoothie, Please!
Over the past decades, the usage of foreign languages in any culture has exponentially increased and has created new cultures that continue
Alvina Joanna, 객원기자   2017-11-10
[Campus News] 2018 GSC Election Campaigns Kick Off
The elections for the 2018 General Student Council (GSC) at CNU will be held on November 21, 2017. The Central Election Management Committee
이성채 기자   2017-11-10
[Campus News] International Futsal Tournament Successfully Finished
CNU held a futsal competition for international students on October 14. 118 Korean and international students enjoyed games at the event hos
Imarova Mokhinur 수습기자   2017-11-10
[Campus News] Jung Geun-sik Selected for 10th Hugwang Academic Award
The winner of the 10th Hugwang Academic Award is Jung Geun-sik, a professor of the Department of Sociology at Seoul National University. Pre
김부경 수습기자   2017-11-10
[Campus News] CNU Launches First K-MOOC Lectures
Chonnam National University (CNU) launched the first K-MOOC quality lectures this November. “Finding the Lost Three Billion Years” by Huh Mi
이은지 기자   2017-11-10
[Gallery] October Fest
October Fest was held around Humanities College building 1 on Oct. 13. This event was hosted by the Department of German Language and Litera
이성채 기자   2017-10-16
[News & Photo] Korean Speaking Contest for Foreiners at CNU
2017 Korean Speaking Contest for foreigners was held in celebration of Hangul Proclamation Day in Cosmos Hall at 4 p.m. on Oct. 14. Foreigne
이소이 기자   2017-10-14
[Campus News] Student Club Fair Is Held around Bongji
2017 Fall Student Club Fair is under way around Bongji. This event, operated by the General Student Club Association, is a good opportunity
이소이 기자   2017-09-20
[Gallery] Bandi Festival Gets Underway Friday
이은지 기자   2017-09-15
[Gallery] Recruiting Cub-Reporters
CNU Press and Broadcasting Center recruits new members of three campus media: The Chondae Shinmun, Chonnam Tribune, CNU Broadcasting. They a
이소이 기자   2017-09-14
[Ketchup-Movie] Ketchup_Movie: Okja
Dr. Johnny: You know, you are forcing me...Mirando: I am forcing you do what?Dr. Johnny: To examine my options.Mirando: Oh, really? Okay. Go
Syeda Shamima Nasrin 기자   2017-09-12
[Howdy] What Do You Think about It?
Blind Recruiting at Public Sector President Moon Jae-in last June called for blind recruiting to be implemented in public corporations and a
Chonnam Tribune   2017-09-12
[Column] Is Too Much Communication Bad?
Communication has come to the fore in politics. Going through the last two presidents, Park Guen-hye and Lee Myung-bak, the public have dema
최은정 정치외교학과 교수   2017-09-12
[Travelogue] “Home on a Platter”
When someone says Indian food, the first thing that might pop up in your head is ‘curry’! However, Indian food is so much more diverse than
Alvina Joanna 객원기자   2017-09-12
[Information] Winter Session Courses
Winter Session Courses are open for registration. The session is a four week period over winter vacation and provides good opportunities for
이소이 기자   2017-09-12
[Foreign Community] The Life of Muslims in South Korea
In every religion, there are written and unwritten rules that religious people should strongly follow. Every religion has their own holy boo
이소이 기자   2017-09-12
[Foreign Community] A Letter to Juniors: New Place! Cheer Up…
You have already taken the 1st step. Going abroad to study is one of the biggest decisions of your life which will lead to your dreams and o
이소이 기자   2017-09-12
[Foreign Community] What Does Student Culture Mean To You?
Student culture plays a crucial role in forming the collective identity of and the integration within a campus. It speaks volumes about a sc
Nguyen Huong 객원기자   2017-09-12
[Spotlight] The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Higher Education
You may have heard it said that we are standing in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The term, ‘Industrial Revolution’, began t
김은희 경영학과 교수   2017-09-07
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